14 November 2013

Revealing Craft...

...is a project that started in July 2012 with Folksy and India Hobson. I was fortunate to be asked if I would like to take part and of course I said yes - not sure what I was letting myself in for. India came to visit me at home in August 2012 and took loads of photos of my work area, me at work and photos of everything she found interesting. If i remember correctly - she really liked my cacti family. India was fantastic and made me feel at ease - we chatted about screen-printing, drawing and everything.

Along the way she has photographed 13 creative people and their work processes/materials/spaces, and together with James Boardwell of Folksy and du.st - they have created a beautiful book that they would like to publish. In order to do so - they have created a Kickstarter project and would like help to reach their target. There are 12 days to go - so click on the link - watch the video - read the words that are a lot better than mine and if possible - please donate.
UPDATE! As of 25th November 2013 - The Revealing Craft Kickstarter has been fully backed. A huge massive thank you goes all to everyone who was involved in every aspect of the way, right from the beginning and through to the end but it may not be the very end - there may be other installments and Folksy based adventures out there so please keep your eye on them for future news.