06 November 2013


...we will be traveling to London - the mister and I - very early on Saturday morning to meet up with Kayleigh O'Mara as we are taking part in Renegade Craft Fair! It is on both days - Saturday and Sunday from 11am until 6pm. I am doing all I can over the next three days to get ready! Please click on all the links to find out more.

The FEAR descended when I finished the last hedgehog pin cushion - I tried to ward it off with drawing and sorting my workroom out but it still crept in. I have since kicked it up the bum and creating a new work routine. I am trying to lessen the gap between the initial idea and working on the final thing - be it a print, badge, painting or completed drawing. I think I let the 'doubts' set in and then hide away the first scribbles, while thinking about it all too much. last thursday I decided to just jump in and hand paint a screen with a design I had been thinking about since February/March - it came out fine! until you print it - you doubt the design, you doubt the layers and just doubt everything about it and wonder what is the point. when it has been printed you wonder what all the stress is about and then itch to do more so I am going to roll with it and start work on another hand painted screen design today.