06 June 2013


...it is now JUNE! May was madness and I have decided to continue with the Blog Every Day in May #BEDM task but use it for June best I can. I have printed out the list from Rosalilium's website in the hope it will get me going more. May was a very busy month. We came back from a short holiday and I picked up some overtime hours at the library which resulted in me almost working full time which is great news for the money pockets but not for my art work as it kinda got pushed to the side. There were other things we did and enjoyed but the blog and workroom were neglected.

Day 4 - Five Fave Blogs

After Day 3 of #BEDM, I began thinking about the next post - this one and struggled. In a way I was putting it off as the amount of blog reading I do has declined a lot over the last two years or so. With the boom of other social media networks, I think the power of blogs has gone as there are quicker ways of getting 'news' out there. I also spend less time on the computer as I try to work without any distractions. No click click travelling from one blog to another and so on.

Yesterday evening was spent creating an initial list and a specific illustration for this post. I have now whittled down my original list of 11 to just five that I like to look at the most. All of them are creative blogs in some way - illustrators and/or print-makers, who's work I really admire and are my inspiration when putting my thinking cap on. Click on the links to find out more for yourselves as if I were to add a few descriptive lines - my words wouldn't do their blogs justice. In A-Z order to keep it fair - here are my five fave blogs.

Alex T Smith - Alex T Smith
Emm@ - Illustration, The Universe and Everything
Flora - Through The Round Window
Kristyna Baczynski - Kristyna Baczynski - Comics, Illustration & Design
Lisa Stubbs - Lil Sonny Sky