14 May 2013


...this post is part of Blogging Every Day in May #BEDM - with Rosalilium. I was playing catch up before and still am despite my best efforts! Last week was a near on full week in the library, we had visitors round, I had a driving lesson and we were in Huddersfield at the weekend visiting family and friends. Thank you to everyone who helped with The Print Auction that finished this week - I will let you know how much was raised for Macmillan Cancer Support soon.

Day 3 - Day in the Life

So this post is about what I get up to on a typical day - there are usually two different days, one with a shift at the library or one day where I am working from home. I decided to try and draw my day - I started this type of sketchbook work in 2008 and if you look through this blog - there are many over similar 'days' to look at.

The drawing above is of Sunday 5th May 2013. A day off - so I was at home and doing weekend things. The alarm was set for 7.24am - it is never set on a zero or odd number - I pressed snooze several times and didn't get up until just after 9am. I was working in the library the day before and was quite tired. I had breakfast - bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes. Afterwards, I started cooking some beef and cutting vegetables to put in the slow cooker for teatime later on. My husband, John helped me with photographing prints to list on eBay and whilst listing the prints on eBay - I tried to sort through my emails and to-do list. I then spent an hour or two cleaning the house and doing laundry - it was a good day to dry clothes out on the washing line. My friends, Army Deb, Ian and their daughter Mollie Moomin came over just after dinnertime. Army Deb and I had various cups of tea in the kitchen, while watching the birds on the bird feeder. We took Mollie to the park and outside where she attempted to eat soil, pebbles and blossom off the tree that is in the front garden. I attempted to take some photos of Mollie but she would turn herself in the opposite direction! I made some Yorkshire Puddings to go with the beef casserole - we had the food at about five pm - it was delicious. Love using the slow cooker. In the evening, I watched a bit of telly with John and went to bed about 11pm. Sunday was a relaxing day and it was nice to enjoy the weather.