05 May 2013

the sun is out there...

...this post is part of Blogging Every Day in May - #BEDM - still playing catch up as I have had a busy weekend so far. Yesterday I was at the library all day - my part time job and today I have been listing things on eBay as part of The Return to Drawing Screen Printing Mission - 25% of all final sales will go toward Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of my friend Ali Graney who passed away from a rare form of cancer in July 2012. The rest of the money will go towards creating new screen prints. I have the paper and paint - just need to get my arse in to gear with getting to the print room now and the funds to do so to create new screens.

Day 2 - Spring is Here!

Spring came to say hello to us people in Coventry at the end of April and I got a teeny bit excited! I rushed to find a new summer dress and found a Topshop one in a charity shop for £8 - mainly black in colour with big bright flowers on. Perfect for me but the Mr didn't approve but he ain't the one wearing it. I washed it and wore it to work with legging and sandals that week. The Mr and I spent the second week of 'spring' in Falmouth as part of his 30th birthday celebrations. I love the spring colours - the leaves, the buds, the flowers, the sky, the butterflies and the fresh air - plus everyone smiles a little bit more. With the warmer and sometimes sunny weather, I can walk on grassy areas in bare feet - my most favourite place for this is the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Also the beach - I don't get to a beach often but I did tip my toes in to the sea at Porthcurno last Monday afternoon. It was lovely. With spring arriving, I am looking forward to the longer daylight hours, not having the heating on, ice-creams and sitting in my garden. I am also looking forward to the new direction I have started with my illustration work.

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