21 November 2013

 grab a brew...

...and lets catch up on what happen in London the other weekend at the fantastic Renegade Craft Fair. To start off the story, let us travel even further back in time to Monday 4th November when I started falling ill with the cold germs. I started with a bit of printing which went very well - the tiny waving elephant card but I could feel the cold getting worse. I managed to book Wednesday off from the part time job so I could rest and wish the cold away. I prepped some new designs and printed these on the Thursday and Friday - I forgot how long it would take to wrap said new things up and ended up over doing it - the cold was getting worse by this point. I spoke to my Granma on the phone and she said I sounded like a robot.

A few weeks prior to Renegade, I managed to persuade the Mr to to come and help me as I usually look after the stall myself and having extra hands would allow me to go say hello to other stall holders, friends and look at their work. By Saturday, my voice was squeaky but not sore and I was ready for the weekend ahead, armed with shiny new business cards full of colour - even if I did look very tired. We drove down to London on Saturday morning - meeting up with Kayleigh O'Mara - my amazing friend and stall space pal - you can see her on the left and I am on the right - here we are setting up our tables. Kim Lawler of Finest Imaginary was one of our stall neighbours who you can see to the right - at the top of my card rack.

The Mr took some photos with the new camera and I wish I had taken some photos myself, of everything, of the other stalls and of the space we were in within the Old Truman Brewery. It was so busy on the Saturday, slightly quieter on the Sunday with more families visiting and some photos of it all in action would give anyone who didn't visit a better idea of what it was like.

The Mr likes to take photos of people pulling faces and I am usually pulling a face of sorts or grinning like a cat but the eyebrows are in full force on this photo. I wasn't feeling or looking great as we had been up since 4.45am.

One of the first things me and KL did when we could was have a quick walk around to say hello to people and see the other stalls. We came across Ketchup on Everything's stall whose work I had seen around the internet and on instagram - I fell in love with the A-Z Animal Alphabet single screenprints but couldn't decide which one I liked enough to pick so I bought the complete A-Z print which you can see framed in the middle.

Eightbear aka Katie Viggers - was another stall I really liked and the Mr bought her Animal World Map. It is lovely and we have managed to frame it and put in on a wall already which is a record. usually any prints we buy end up living in the folder under the bed - all waiting for when we own a house to do with what we wish. We have spoke to our landlord this past week and says we can hang any pictures we like - in fact he has offered to come and give us a hand which is great so the picture framing mission is on. I also bought the cutest Ghost badge from Asking For Trouble and a Geo Grey Cat badge from Custom Made that I have had my eye on for a while. I also had a lovely natter with Rachel from PricklePress and bought one of her Christmas cards. There was so much I could have bought but I set a limit - there is a list of all the London Makers who took part here.

The weekend was fantastic and it felt great to take part. So many great makers and such a wide variety of different things to look at and choose from. I would like to say a great thanks to my Mr for helping, to KL for always helping and looking after us, everyone who came to say hello - this includes old friends, new friends, twitter and instagram people, fellow stall holders and everyone who bought pieces of my work. I took quite a few new things to Renegade and they were well received which gives me confidence for the further new plans and books.

Renegade was great and I will definitely be applying for next year. As I only do a couple of fairs a year now - I think I underestimated the amount of prep and energy involved and hope to be better prepared next year. I lost my voice over the weekend and so it was a visit to the doctors on Monday as I felt very ill - I have been instructed to rest and take it easy which is difficult when I try and fit as much in as I can. I am slowly getting back to it - catching up with emails, printing and updating my new Not On The High Street shop.

14 November 2013

Revealing Craft...

...is a project that started in July 2012 with Folksy and India Hobson. I was fortunate to be asked if I would like to take part and of course I said yes - not sure what I was letting myself in for. India came to visit me at home in August 2012 and took loads of photos of my work area, me at work and photos of everything she found interesting. If i remember correctly - she really liked my cacti family. India was fantastic and made me feel at ease - we chatted about screen-printing, drawing and everything.

Along the way she has photographed 13 creative people and their work processes/materials/spaces, and together with James Boardwell of Folksy and du.st - they have created a beautiful book that they would like to publish. In order to do so - they have created a Kickstarter project and would like help to reach their target. There are 12 days to go - so click on the link - watch the video - read the words that are a lot better than mine and if possible - please donate.
UPDATE! As of 25th November 2013 - The Revealing Craft Kickstarter has been fully backed. A huge massive thank you goes all to everyone who was involved in every aspect of the way, right from the beginning and through to the end but it may not be the very end - there may be other installments and Folksy based adventures out there so please keep your eye on them for future news.

06 November 2013


...we will be traveling to London - the mister and I - very early on Saturday morning to meet up with Kayleigh O'Mara as we are taking part in Renegade Craft Fair! It is on both days - Saturday and Sunday from 11am until 6pm. I am doing all I can over the next three days to get ready! Please click on all the links to find out more.

The FEAR descended when I finished the last hedgehog pin cushion - I tried to ward it off with drawing and sorting my workroom out but it still crept in. I have since kicked it up the bum and creating a new work routine. I am trying to lessen the gap between the initial idea and working on the final thing - be it a print, badge, painting or completed drawing. I think I let the 'doubts' set in and then hide away the first scribbles, while thinking about it all too much. last thursday I decided to just jump in and hand paint a screen with a design I had been thinking about since February/March - it came out fine! until you print it - you doubt the design, you doubt the layers and just doubt everything about it and wonder what is the point. when it has been printed you wonder what all the stress is about and then itch to do more so I am going to roll with it and start work on another hand painted screen design today.