27 October 2013


...camera! for the past year I have been slowly coming to terms with the fact that my trusty fujifilm was not coming back to life, no matter what I tried to do. last weekend, after a couple of months of camera reviewing and camera shop visiting - i plucked up the courage to choose and invest in a fancy bells and whistles DSLR. I haven't a clue what I am doing but I am back to taking photos - with a bit of help from the Mr but he doesn't really know whats going on either. Oh - how I have missed the click click of a camera. there is a lot to learn but a lot to take photos of. I tried to take some of a goldfinch on the bird feeder this morning but we are not sure where they are! Up there, above this post is one of 'fruits' of today's photo session. we dug out the old tripod and did the best we could with the autumn natural light. hopefully I will be updating this blog more often now so keep your eyes peeled for photos of my latest pencil, paint and print adventures.

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