19 August 2013


...time to get your hands on my favourite screen print. The Wanted Robber Bird Poster was created during the final weeks of my degree, the degree I nearly quit and left from and thankfully completed in 2008. This print was created from a hand drawn illustration and then hand pulled using Lascaux Inks on to Somerset Satin Paper. I have 8 left and available for the great price of £40 each - this includes UK P+P. The printed image is about A2 in size and the paper is roughly A1.

I wish to sell this prints for a number of reasons. One - because they are so big - it is hard to get them out and seen, whether that be at markets/fairs or to shops & galleries. Two - they have been in a folder under my bed for a couple of years now and they need to be in frames and on walls! Three - my trusty old Fujifilm camera 'died' last year after seven years and I desperately wish to replace it with a DSLR. I am struggling with two cameras that were gratefully given /loaned to me last year. One is a little point and click while the other, though similar to my old Fujifilm - I really find difficult to use and it sounds daft but I haven't 'clicked' with this camera. John manages to use it but I have only managed to get a couple of decent photos out of it.

My camera (and past cameras) would go everywhere with me in a camera bag and I have lost count of how many photos I have taken. I used it to take photos of everything. There are only a handful of photos of me as a little baby/child/growing up but there were lots of my brother and sister, so I vowed there would be photos of everyone and everything from then on. I bought my first camera when I started full-time work at 15. I took photos of pets, friends, family, my bedroom, outside, on nights out, it was always there at some party or celebration - nothing fancy just photos. Photos I love looking through. I remember taking a photo of the first cake I made for my friend's 21st birthday. As an illustrator, I used it to take reference photos and product shots and of course, I take photos for this blog. Another reason it has been neglected somewhat is due to the lack of decent camera. I have tried numerous times with the two I currently have but once they are in the computer - the photos are not great.

Photography is not something I have a great knowledge about - just something I really enjoy doing and I would love to have a good quality camera again. If you would like to buy a print or would like more information please email me - deb at debbiegreenaway dot com and I will be in touch as quickly as I can.

14 August 2013

hello again...

...it has been a while since my last post (AGAIN!) but I have been busy - nothing major but just busy. i would like to let you all know that Kayleigh O'Mara and I will be showing and selling our handmade work at designers/makers this SATURDAY 17th AUGUST from 11am until about 5pm (maybe a little later). Please do come along and say hello, and spend some pennies with us if you can. It is my first fair of 2013 and I am getting a little excited.

after various busy things - day job, art job, summer school, new niece, learning to drive, holiday visits, new garden etc - everything has calmed down a tad and I hope to carry on with the Blog Every Day Challenge and get back to updating more often as I was. Please bear with me - thank you.