13 March 2013

saying goodbye...

...in the fabric sense, to a good friend of mine - Mr Robotington. I have umm-ed and ahh-ed over this decision for a long while but during the recent weeks it has become clear to me that there are other things I wish to concentrate on. These things - I have tried to do in the past but other elements/events/blah blah always due me back to crafting. So in words - I will no longer be making any small or big Mr Robotingtons. These are the ones you would usually see at fairs, in shops and online. Custom orders for the Super Large ones that are about a meter big - will be available to order while supplies last! I have been photographing and listing each of the remaining Mr Ro's and there are now seven left. They can be found over in my Etsy online shop. Click on the link to see individually listed Mr Ro's or Randomly Picked Mr Ro's (obviously this listing will cease to be once they have all been papped.)

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