03 March 2013


...well it moves and now we are in MARCH! Yep, March. Despite the good old best intentions it has taken me until now to get a move on and post an update. I wont bore you with a long winded reason why I have been away hibernating but I am still here and attempting things - what these things are - I am not sure of but I think I am trying to get back on the drawing path best I can. So this post features two photos that I took last week from a walk Army Deb and I went on round Middleton Lakes - which is a RSPB reserve. It was a freezing cold day, we wrapped up warm and set out with the largest pack lunch ever! There is very large heronry there and we saw two herons flying about. We met a very friendly pair of robins and one of them took some bread from my hand. There was a hive of activity around the feeding area and we spotted a new birds - well new to our eyes but I have forgotten what it is called. Below is a picture of some Blue Tits feasting on peanuts. I am looking forward to the return of better weather as it will hopefully bring the birds back to my bird feeder. We have a few visitors at the moment including three goldfinches who are greedy little so and so's. Eating the seed constantly until there is nowt left, a pair of robins, two chaffinches, a couple of great tits, few blue tits and a blackbird.

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