24 February 2012

down south...

...in the Hampstead area of London is a little shop, gallery and workspace place called Oak Studio. They offer an array of workshops, classes and sessions in a laid back and informal environment. They have a creative space for a range of ages and abilities where you can learn new skills, hone existing ones, meet like minded people or just relax and enjoy yourself. Oak Studio offers craft workshops, knitting classes, cupcake decorating, life drawing sessions, vintage fabric collage, dressmaking, flower arranging, crochet and much, much more.

If you happen to be nearby, please go in and have a look around and I am proud to say that they are now stocking a selection of my work in their shop so you may see some bits and bobs of mine in there. I am never good at the promotion of things but I have been trying my best to get work out there and seen as part of my 2012 aims/goals etc and thankfully the hard works seems to be growing shoots from the little seeds i have been sending out.