20 February 2012

hello said Mr Star...

...all the way from Coventry. Right this minute as I tip tap type, I am in a new work room in the new home that is in Coventry. Back to living with the Dr Mr and I am slowly making a work mess all over the floor. This post is going to be about a project I decided to contribute to that was organised by the lovely Chris Webb of Lazy Crafternoons. We used to both live in Mancland in the years of yesterday and originally met though the Manchester Craft Mafia.

Chris started a project earlier this year called '52 Weeks 52 Crafts' where Chris and other guest makers will be attempting to make and display a craft a week throughout the year, with him then selling the items online to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support via ebay. I am not very good at writing words as I keep reminding you all - so please do follow all the links - also Chris writes a lot better than I do.

My contribution, The Mr Star Cushion as pictured above can be seen here on his blog, there are bits about me and my work on there and be found here on ebay. I made it for the project and as part of my 2012 mission of using up supplies combined with new printed textiles pieces. Bidding starts at just £5 (P+P extra) and finishes on 26th February 2012 at 16.23pm London GMT Time. Please help out if you can as it would help and be much appreciated.