01 February 2012

guest post...

...today we have a post from Cat Hayward. Since late last year, I have been screenprinting for other people. I test printed some of Cat's designs for her late last year and in early January, we refined the process and now we have some results to share.

Back in 2009, I made some limited edition applique wristlet pouches bearing the design of Mr Squirrel, who urges people to squirrel away their possessions (photo above). I knew at the time that I wanted to offer some screenprinted versions, but I didn't have the facilities to do screenprinting and my attempts with my old Gocco printer didn't come out how I had hoped. I put the idea on the back burner for ages, but then my good friend Debbie here offered to collaborate with me. As readers of her blog will know, she's a dab hand with a squeegee and so I knew I could trust her to do Mr Squirrel right (photo below).

Now, my Etsy shop Scatterbox Originals finally has a simpler, screenprinted version of the Squirrel Away pouch! Drawn by me, printed by Debbie and sewn by me. I've also been coming up with some other fun new designs, like the Sensible Survival Kit (photo below - a pouch for holding anything from first aid supplies to pencils to emergency chocolate stashes - everyone has something they need for day to day survival!) I'm hoping to add more designs over the coming weeks so please do take a peek.
Catherine :-)