24 September 2012


...phew! it has been a week since Kayleigh and I took part in Renegade Craft's 2nd London Fair and I have been intending to write about it but last week was spent resting, swimming, going to job interviews and making up work best I can. Taking part was such a big achievement for me as I have only ever taken part in smaller fairs - mainly all up North and so to show and sell my work in a different city - LONDON - was amazing. I spoke to many lovely people and met many 'web' friends - some for the first time. It a shame that I don't get to see some of these people more often - living in Coventry has been hard art wise but I am determined to find something creative to get involved in asap. The photo I have used is by Renegade Craft themselves and credit as such goes to them - I am now without my camera and only took photos via instagram. (debtheladysnail) I will be trying to upload new bits of work on etsy and folksy. May also make some more pin cushion houses and large screenprinted teeth as they were both well received - only one small one left! I will be printing new things once I have caught up with my lists. LISTS!

Thank you to Kayleigh - my fellow stall sharer and to her and Ant both for looking after me last weekend. Also thank you - many thank yous to each and every one of you that came, said hello, shared a hug and bought some of my work. xxx

If there is anything you wish you had taken home but didn't and can not see it online - please get in touch and email me. deb at debbiegreenaway dot com.

07 September 2012

one week to go...

...it is all go here in the work room as I prepare last minute pieces of work for RENEGADE LONDON! It is next weekend - 15th & 16th September from 11am-6pm at The Old Truman Brewery. Please see the poster for more details or click on the link. My very good friend, Kayleigh O'Mara and I are sharing a stall space and so there will double delights to look at and buy. Pop by and say 'Hello' as it would be nice to put actual real life faces to people who we know from twitter, etsy, folksy and the web! If you bring a sketchbook, I will draw a doodle - most likely a lion (if there is time to - fingers crossed it will be busy!). There has not been any photo taking or photo sharing for a while as my trusty camera no longer works - the Dr Mr tried his best with his science-y ways but thankfully, John's sister came to the rescue and has loaned me her camera. I plan to try it out these weekend. This evening I am in printing - my right shoulder arm is becoming very odd. It is taking on a life of its own with all this squeegee action.