19 August 2012

page four...

...another doodle. this was probably started about April time and finished who knows when. I have been drawing in the book a bit more these past few days and am back to being ahead of the game - so that is the plan. this weekend i visited the Festival of Quilts with my mother in law - Carol. it was a great day but there was so much to fit in, there were so many quilts and related quilted work on display, then the stalls/shops in which to buy supplies from. Carol is a avid quilt maker and we both had lists of things we wished to seek out and buy. one day was not enough and we should have really spread it out over two days. we were happy but shattered by the end of the day. today, i have finished off a huge batch of lion badges and am now tackling things in the workroom - printing and packing up other bits of work to send out to shops.

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