03 July 2012


...shine in doors while the rain plays outside. this doodle has been in the sketchbook for a few months - maybe since late 2011 - some one saw it and said 'why don't you do something with that?'. I wasn't that keen on the idea as suns are a popular thing to draw but thinking about it lately, I thought I'd give it a whirl. Last nights hand drawn screen went very Pete Tong when washing out the drawing fluid so I had another go today, took me time and it came out grand. The print set up is also getting used so all is good. I am also learning how to mix colour but really that is a little lie as I am still winging it when it comes to colour and mixing it. The plan is to do swatches and all, learn how to overlay colours when printing but plans get sat on and nowt comes of it - so wing it, it will be. These beauts will be in the online shops soon.


A selection of my work can now be found in the following places,

The Imaginarium Gallery, 74 Main Street, Haworth, BD22 8DP
Ginger Pickle - Online Shop

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