15 June 2012


...using up fabrics from my stash to create bright and color co-ordinated strings of bunting for my online shops and stockists. I sent some to The Oak Studio yesterday and will be soon sending some to a new stockist in Haworth. There are some fox badges to be finished off this afternoon and then I hope to be designing a couple of new ones. There is a definite idea in mind for one or two of them but the third one - I aint too sure. I was planning to print today but this plan may have to be put on hold until this evening or when I feel calmer.

13 June 2012


...time. seen as the workroom is getting sorted out - i thought i would share the excitement and give away a print of mine. pictured above is a AP print of the Lion on a Circus Stand. All you have to do to be in with a chance of being the new owner, is to comment below, retweet or share any of the promotional links on facebook or on your own blog for example. i will try my best to keep a note of all your helpful activity but it would help if you could let me know about facebook and blog link sharing. For each retweet you will get an entry and for leaving a comment is the same so for doing both you could gain two entries and so on. It is open to anyone in the world and i will keep a note of names to put in to a hat. the closing day will be Wednesday 20th June 2012. Any questions get in touch - i hope the explanation makes sense.

This print was made in January 2012 - based upon a drawing I did in Spring 2010. The printed area is about 7cm wide by 13cm and it was printed using five printing inks on to the middle of Somerset Satin paper that measures about 19cm wide by 28cm - the extra space allows for cropping and framing.

in other news, i am working from home - cutting/making bunting and hopefully printing. there will be a trip to the post office to post some work to The Oak Studio in London - they will be the first to get some of the NEW fish badges. A small selection of these badges can also now be found in my Etsy shop - see the sidebar for a link.

11 June 2012

everything in place...

...all ready to get used. Thanks to sales from the Saltaire Arts Trail, sale of BOB, other payments being paid and careful saving in the business account - the time had come to invest in equipment. Let me introduce you to the new plan chest and new print rack - the later is now a manageable size - BOB, (we miss you!) the super large print rack i had, was re-homed in early May - he was of a good size but was too big for my current workroom area. The plan chest is for the storage of all things print and paper related - better than storing things flat on the floor, only to then have to move then constantly as and when needed. There was a Mr Bean type moment when the rack arrived this afternoon. I could not contain myself or my excitement and in the rush, I tried to carry the box upstairs on my own which got stuck. My Superwoman Arms helped me out of a pickle.

I have been away lately due to many many reasons - life gets in the way and time wasn't well managed in May - it happens. I have been getting back on track this week and last. The plan is to now print and get everything 'broken in' once I have got the rest of the work room sorted - the rest of it is a mess - the area you can not see!