19 March 2012

on fire...

...after much thinking - it is decided - that Lion Sketchbook 3 will be started this week. I thought it may not be a good idea, doing too much of the same, people may not want to see more lion drawings and/or it was time to take a leap. But looking through the Lion Drawings made me realise I generated and developed a great character and I enjoy it. Tried to get the project started in Moleskine sketchbook about two weeks ago but the pages are too yellow for scanning in and I wasn't keen on the line/pencil quality on the paper so I rushed to the net to find a good old Seawhite of Brighton sketchbook and it came last week. Despite it's swift arrival - I haven't done owt to get going again except stick a sticker on the front. I am building up the courage as it has been a super long while since the lion sketchbooks. Also if you like sketchbooks, over on Sue Bulmer's blog is a little Q & A I contributed to. I hope it reads ok. There are other Sketchbook Peek's with other artists/craft/creative people. Have a browse if you have a moment.

If anyone would like to feature me on their blog, website, thing - please get in touch.