28 February 2012

a picture...

...with another story to share. earlier in the year, one of my friends sent me a link to an exhibition opportunity at Artlink which is in Hull - i did not have access to my computer at the time as i was staying with a friend in Stoke but made an application best i could to meet the deadline date using pictures saved from the web with access to a little netbook - my friend's family helped out! Out of three prints - Brian the Circus Lion was selected to be part of Artlink's (n.) craft exhibition that started on 3rd February and it runs until 24th March 2012. It is a showcase of high quality craft work, created using both traditional and unconventional techniques. It features ceramic works, a variety of textile arts, printmaking, jewellery and furniture. So if you are nearby - please pop in and have a look - please let me know if you do visit it as due to packing/moving - I was unable to go to the preview evening. Also, please have a wander round their new shop area as you may also spy some of my work in there. From the exhibition application, I was then asked to submit work for their shop. Two applications with double success.

24 February 2012

down south...

...in the Hampstead area of London is a little shop, gallery and workspace place called Oak Studio. They offer an array of workshops, classes and sessions in a laid back and informal environment. They have a creative space for a range of ages and abilities where you can learn new skills, hone existing ones, meet like minded people or just relax and enjoy yourself. Oak Studio offers craft workshops, knitting classes, cupcake decorating, life drawing sessions, vintage fabric collage, dressmaking, flower arranging, crochet and much, much more.

If you happen to be nearby, please go in and have a look around and I am proud to say that they are now stocking a selection of my work in their shop so you may see some bits and bobs of mine in there. I am never good at the promotion of things but I have been trying my best to get work out there and seen as part of my 2012 aims/goals etc and thankfully the hard works seems to be growing shoots from the little seeds i have been sending out.

20 February 2012

hello said Mr Star...

...all the way from Coventry. Right this minute as I tip tap type, I am in a new work room in the new home that is in Coventry. Back to living with the Dr Mr and I am slowly making a work mess all over the floor. This post is going to be about a project I decided to contribute to that was organised by the lovely Chris Webb of Lazy Crafternoons. We used to both live in Mancland in the years of yesterday and originally met though the Manchester Craft Mafia.

Chris started a project earlier this year called '52 Weeks 52 Crafts' where Chris and other guest makers will be attempting to make and display a craft a week throughout the year, with him then selling the items online to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support via ebay. I am not very good at writing words as I keep reminding you all - so please do follow all the links - also Chris writes a lot better than I do.

My contribution, The Mr Star Cushion as pictured above can be seen here on his blog, there are bits about me and my work on there and be found here on ebay. I made it for the project and as part of my 2012 mission of using up supplies combined with new printed textiles pieces. Bidding starts at just £5 (P+P extra) and finishes on 26th February 2012 at 16.23pm London GMT Time. Please help out if you can as it would help and be much appreciated.

06 February 2012

another one...

...yep - another lion. i have been printing this weekend - well on Friday. The screen was exposed in early January but developments on that day and later on in the month, halted the printing of it. With house moving sooner than I thought - most plans and intentions have been floating around in limbo land while some art supplies have been packed away ready for this Saturday. This print is rather small - one of the smallest ones i have done. There are 11 of them in the edition and can be found for sale on etsy or folksy at a very reasonable price. Please have a click and a look.

01 February 2012

guest post...

...today we have a post from Cat Hayward. Since late last year, I have been screenprinting for other people. I test printed some of Cat's designs for her late last year and in early January, we refined the process and now we have some results to share.

Back in 2009, I made some limited edition applique wristlet pouches bearing the design of Mr Squirrel, who urges people to squirrel away their possessions (photo above). I knew at the time that I wanted to offer some screenprinted versions, but I didn't have the facilities to do screenprinting and my attempts with my old Gocco printer didn't come out how I had hoped. I put the idea on the back burner for ages, but then my good friend Debbie here offered to collaborate with me. As readers of her blog will know, she's a dab hand with a squeegee and so I knew I could trust her to do Mr Squirrel right (photo below).

Now, my Etsy shop Scatterbox Originals finally has a simpler, screenprinted version of the Squirrel Away pouch! Drawn by me, printed by Debbie and sewn by me. I've also been coming up with some other fun new designs, like the Sensible Survival Kit (photo below - a pouch for holding anything from first aid supplies to pencils to emergency chocolate stashes - everyone has something they need for day to day survival!) I'm hoping to add more designs over the coming weeks so please do take a peek.
Catherine :-)