06 January 2012

moving about...

...the hedgehogs have only been around for a little while but to say they are only small, they are fair managing to get out and about - spotted and seen - found and rehomed. Above is a treasury on etsy made by Laura. Some have home within the UK and some have flown to Australia and Brazil. It is very nice to know that they are well liked. There are drawings in place that I hope to be able to sort out, finalise and print or make soon in the hope they will also be liked. I am already missing the day job which I know is a little silly to say but I do. I am doing my best to keep at it with the illustration work and for 2012 I have started keeping a 'have done' list as well as a 'to-do' list. It is a piece of advice I read in one of them '1001 Ways to Relax' books - am finding it a very helpful task to complete. There are two new colours in the paint range and I am hoping to print from a newly exposed screen as soon as I can.

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sue bulmer said...

hi debbie
great blog, I think your ideas about keeping a have done list as well as a to-do is very motivating. I tend to keep all of my ticked off to-do lists and like to look back over them to see what I've achieved. It does make you feel good, esp when you feel things are getting on top of you.