30 December 2011


...whilst outside the other day, maybe it was Wednesday - i was trying to get some good photos in order to put some of my work online in the shops. i took a couple like this with the light splattering through.  i am no photographer but i try my hardest and with help from Cat - my photography skills are improving. as much as i moan about chasing natural light - it is a challenge and i like finding ways of how to improve my product shots. the one above though was not used but i wanted to share it. it was the best one out of four i took. the wind was wild and unfortunately the cloud was cropped right at the bottom of the screen/photo. if you pop over to my etsy shop - the grey raincloud can now be found online. today it is grey and wet - no photos to be had today.

quilt progress is going well - figured out that it is best to iron all fabric before folding round hexagons which i have done before in the past but never bothered to do until last nights ten hexagons. i was being lazy. this afternoon i am getting out the pencils and print equipment in the hope of getting some progress made on the to-do list. i have not really adjusted well to the self-employment routine. i blame christmas.