05 December 2011

on the web...

...trying to do more of the online thing as possible - I sent two pieces of my work to Made It - Flaunt It and both were accepted for their December Showcase. Hurrah. The full showcase can be seen here as my computer screen would only allow me to 'printscreen' a portion of it. But as well as trying to do more online stuff, I have decided to show less of my sketchbook work while I try and work on new-ish and new ideas. I think it may be better for me to mull over ideas without feeling too exposed. Alot has been written/said about 'illustration and inspiration' lately. I would like to try and explore and experiment on my own for a tad.

In other news, I would like to thank everyone who has visited my travelling stall these past three weeks and to anyone who has been to see my work at any of the shops/galleries. The last fair will be this weekend at the Elsecar Heritage Centre in/near Barnsley - two day event. Today I dropped off some pieces at a shop in our village - Unravel for display within their Christmas Craft Exhibition. There are also some new pieces in The Cooper Gallery in Barnsley - bits and bobs. This evening I am busy making up some more badges and have ninety percent decided that once these materials run out - no more will be made of the small illustrated badges. I am also hoping to sew some more raincloud mobiles as they have been waiting for couple of weeks in the to-do box.