26 November 2011

fresh out of retirement...

...is the pirate lion. first printed over two years ago - while getting stuck into the printing, i decided to get the pirate lion design out and stick him on a screen. first time he went on the wrong way round but now he is the right way - either way he is sometimes a 'lefty' or a 'righty' with his pencil but it doesn't really matter which way round he is. tomorrow I will be in Sheffield at the ReetSweet Fair with Finest Imaginary and I am just labelling up some more printed wares. Some nice news to share is that my work is now stocked in a couple of new places!

The Bowery - Leeds
Grundy Art Gallery - Blackpool
Gemma Scully Jewellery - Manchester at the Christmas Markets
Soon - Grotto Shop - Pop Up Shop - Manchester

The Cooper Gallery - Barnsley
Harris Museum and Art Gallery - Preston
Comma - Oxford