12 September 2011

in august...

...way back then, the Mr and I went out to the Emley Show which is very near us. It is a charity that raises money to help students who are studying agricultural and related subjects, through college and university. There were loads of animal related shows/competitions. The best one by far was the cow/bull shed and pictured above is me with one of my favourite bulls. There were loads going on and quite a lot to look at and walk around. I took my sketchbook but didn't draw a thing as it was so crowded so I took loads of pictures instead of which I have recently found the time to start drawing from.

This evening, I am working on de-stashing the fabric pile, sewing up bunting for the christmas fairs and making some kind of hand sewn hexagon things - once they are sewn up I will decide what is best. I have ideas but if it will be one or the other or both - I haven't got a clue yet! I am going to 'WING IT' as me and Josie would say.