04 July 2011

little details...

...whilst sat in the garden in the glorious sunshine yesterday, i stitched into a fabric print of the old lion and accordion design. three of these were printed last year on to fabric and they have been on the to-do list ever since. at the moment, it seems right to be working through the to-do list again in order to have space ready for the fresh things. i really enjoyed working on this as it felt quite relaxing at the same time - it was a strange feeling and i wish there were more days like it. fingers are crossed for nice or enjoyable weather as i have booked a week off for my birthday. a as part of the birthday celebrations, the above print is listed on etsy for the special price of £30 seeing as that number is what birthday it will be this year. when i have finished the other one - that will be going on folksy. if anything doesn't sell on the online shops - they will be taken to my next fair which is in Barnsley on 30th July. More details of this to follow, along with other birthday related things...maybe.

...teeny tiny stitches can be seen here. thought i would add another photo as am unsure if any readers will be able to pick out where i have stitched. i put three colours in the mane and tail area, two colours on the little seat and a glitter type thread on the alternate bellows of the accordion.