09 June 2011


...in the sky that looks like it is going to rain, is a little star. screen-printed not so long back with my own fair hands using the home printing equipment. these were first released at the Saltaire Arts Trail and i am in the middle of printing the second batch with my new small squeegees. these will soon be on etsy in the update once me and the camera have a good enough period of time with natural light. originally, i thought i had a drawing to share this evening but turns out what i drew was rubbish on second sight. this weekend i will be visiting a friend and seeing the Mr Dr in Stoke and will be taking the sketchbook so i am hoping a change of scenery will do my brain wonders.

Huge thank you to all who visited my stall in Saltaire and Leeds these past two weekends. It is very much appreciated and the print funds are growing. I am deciding what is best to do with my time and am now considering joining a nearby print studio. These funds will help go towards membership, studio hours and possible supplies.