15 May 2011


...output from one design equals good use of brain cells. while watching Eurovison last night - i was thinking about printing. i get the urge to print/work at unusual times. it was very very late and there were/are supplies that really need using - old card stock and mixed printing paint - hence these new small cards. they will be at the Saltaire Makers Fair that is at the end of May. I am hoping the blank screen will arrive tomorrow so that i can print some more out of different designs on the left over card stock. there are plans for designs of shimmering gold. unsure how to go about printing with fancy paints - worth a go and experimenting. today i started painting some fish on found paper pictures. output has been slow this weekend due to last minute preparations for a friends wedding that we are going to next week - super excited.

The lion badges that are in the post or two below this one have been featured on a huge website called craftgossip thanks to whoever put it on there - made me smile.