09 March 2011

back in to the groove...

...taken me a couple of frustrated attempts with angry faces and many swear words but i feel like the ball has started rolling again with the drawing and ideas. up above there - there are some butterflies. trying to work out how detailed to make them. i have done some more flat-ish colour ones and next up are texture ones with Martin character development thrown in while i just go with the flow. aint too sure about the hedgehog yet so he is staying in the sketchbook with some other sketchy things. please remember that i will be in Sheffield at the Craft Candy Mini Fair if anyone would like to come and say hello - please see one of the previous posts for more information.

GOOD NEWS is that the mister is now a Dr of Molecular Biology - forgot to mention it before i think - was end of January when he had his big exam - fingers are now crossed while he proper job hunts.