29 December 2011


...for the year ahead is to make a quilt. one made from hexagons in the traditional way of 'piece-ing' it together by hand sewing or something like that. i have started tacking the fabric round hexagon shapes - doing about five or ten of these a day. the fabric was bought with intentions of making Christmas bunting to sell as it was manic this winter at the markets, online and between friends and family with the bunting. i was unable to get the usual fabric i make bunting with and so ordered some new stuff which when it arrived i was unsure about so instead of sending it back i decided to use it some other way and so started the task on 26th December while watching a naff Arnie film. The aim is to make about 150 to 200 hexagons and plan the overall layout of the quilt from there - there will be progress reports no doubt.

today i am off to the Post Office to send another hedgehog on its way and to pick up a puzzle magazine - i have taken to doing the competitions during illustration break times. resting the drawing brain cells but working on the thinking cells - beats putting the telly on as an half hour break can turn in to two hours especially if there is a Midsomer or similar on. Other tasks to tackle today is an important project with the butterflies, a new card design, a new moleskine design, printing of some large plush teeth as per a request and some other bits and bobs of printing.


Alice said...

Deb I love this idea! I really want to get into doing more traditional forms of sewing too, I really enjoy doing really textured detailed embroidery & applique it turns out...I might join you in branching out into quilting, only thing is I just know I'm not as particular as you...I'm a bit...slap-dash, but perhaps it would be a good way to boost my neatness! Can we have a session together? LOVE the fabrics. x x x

Guerilla Embroidery said...

I also have this idea - did you just cut out gazillions of the same hexagon out of paper and then fold the fabric around them?
I'd be interested in any scraps you have of printed fabrics if you have any lying around....just an idea!