29 November 2011

this winter...

...has been a mish mash of things. generally good things. lots of seeing friends, lots of work making, lots of thinking, lots of investigating, lots of doing and seeing and lots of clearing out. i am the opposite to a squirrel this winter - instead of hiding food which means keeping work, i have made the decision to set it free. you may have seen earlier posts about my portfolio clear out. at the weekend i decided to out an item at a SALE price - Mr Robotington Cross-stitch. I made these as a reason to use certain supplies I had and did so about February time. He is now in etsy and folksy at HALF-PRICE (P+P is extra) Bargain to be had there. Work wise - I am thinking of restarting the Lion Sketchbook in a new one. I was very unsure about this but it helps me draw alot more and just drawing without the lions has been a little hard.

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