21 November 2011

roll up...

...roll up! If you fancy a day out, ReetSweet are having their first Christmas shindig of handmade loveliness this weekend at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield. It is a very easy place to get to and there are some details above and more via the underlined link. Kim Lawler of Finest Imaginary and I will be sharing a table and so there will be two of us! Two of us to talk to, two lots of things to look at and two little independent businesses to support. If you would like me to - bring your sketchbook or a piece of paper and I may draw you a squiggle or a lion of sorts. Please keep you eyes on the blog for item updates and pictures as tomorrow is a day of working at home - I will be spending the day printing at home, chasing the natural light in hope of online shop photographs and just general 'doing' of work. Any Q + A's - get in touch via email.

Please remember that I am now available for screen-printing commissions - also printing of your work - contact me for more information if you would like me to work on a joint project. Owt is possible.

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Catherine Hayward said...

This looks like a good event - nice eye-catching poster too :) Hope you get a good turnout!