29 November 2011

this winter...

...has been a mish mash of things. generally good things. lots of seeing friends, lots of work making, lots of thinking, lots of investigating, lots of doing and seeing and lots of clearing out. i am the opposite to a squirrel this winter - instead of hiding food which means keeping work, i have made the decision to set it free. you may have seen earlier posts about my portfolio clear out. at the weekend i decided to out an item at a SALE price - Mr Robotington Cross-stitch. I made these as a reason to use certain supplies I had and did so about February time. He is now in etsy and folksy at HALF-PRICE (P+P is extra) Bargain to be had there. Work wise - I am thinking of restarting the Lion Sketchbook in a new one. I was very unsure about this but it helps me draw alot more and just drawing without the lions has been a little hard.

26 November 2011

fresh out of retirement...

...is the pirate lion. first printed over two years ago - while getting stuck into the printing, i decided to get the pirate lion design out and stick him on a screen. first time he went on the wrong way round but now he is the right way - either way he is sometimes a 'lefty' or a 'righty' with his pencil but it doesn't really matter which way round he is. tomorrow I will be in Sheffield at the ReetSweet Fair with Finest Imaginary and I am just labelling up some more printed wares. Some nice news to share is that my work is now stocked in a couple of new places!

The Bowery - Leeds
Grundy Art Gallery - Blackpool
Gemma Scully Jewellery - Manchester at the Christmas Markets
Soon - Grotto Shop - Pop Up Shop - Manchester

The Cooper Gallery - Barnsley
Harris Museum and Art Gallery - Preston
Comma - Oxford

22 November 2011


...working on Christmas things which is something I have never really done before - except for the bunting I made last year. above you can see a decent enough photo of my first screen printed Christmas card. it is printed in a very nice blue and was based upon a lino print that I did for the lino printing workshop - which went very well. i forgot to take any photos of the evening but it was fun and i really enjoyed showing people how to get to grips with lino. the snowman card is now for sale online and in various shops - it will also be at the fairs. today and this evening, bits of work are being finished off, sorted out and packed. sketchbook hopes to be out later to solve the problems of the new print - think the pencil crayons need to come out as well.

21 November 2011

roll up...

...roll up! If you fancy a day out, ReetSweet are having their first Christmas shindig of handmade loveliness this weekend at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield. It is a very easy place to get to and there are some details above and more via the underlined link. Kim Lawler of Finest Imaginary and I will be sharing a table and so there will be two of us! Two of us to talk to, two lots of things to look at and two little independent businesses to support. If you would like me to - bring your sketchbook or a piece of paper and I may draw you a squiggle or a lion of sorts. Please keep you eyes on the blog for item updates and pictures as tomorrow is a day of working at home - I will be spending the day printing at home, chasing the natural light in hope of online shop photographs and just general 'doing' of work. Any Q + A's - get in touch via email.

Please remember that I am now available for screen-printing commissions - also printing of your work - contact me for more information if you would like me to work on a joint project. Owt is possible.

20 November 2011

thank you...

...to all you came to my stall at yesterday's Super Duper Christmas Fair that was in Blackpool. The fair was a good start to the Christmas markets and people are snapping up prints that I have taken out of my portfolio which is great! Bit sad to see them go but there is no need for me to store them away when they could be out in frames and displayed. Above is a photo of another print - it got a lot of attention yesterday but no takers - it is online and will be at the next fairs until it finds a home. I have selected a couple more prints to crop/wrap and these will be  making an appearance soon. today i am off out on Victor with Dr Mr as he came home for visit which was unplanned. We are going to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which is near to where we live - there is a Donna Wilson exhibition on.

Little Mr Robotington - Photo-Etch Print NOW SOLD Thank you

17 November 2011

spreading my wings...

...to my first collaboration with one of my friends - the amazing Mark Penman. Since I can now print a bit more freely and a bit more freely at home - I came up with a plan of printing for others and first thoughts were that Mark's work would look amazing as screen-prints. We agreed to break in the idea gently with two one-colour screen prints for him to take to the Thought Bubble Festival. It is the UK’s largest annual event which celebrates sequential art in all its forms, including everything from superheroes to independent and small press comics. They are a non profit making organisation dedicated to promoting comics and graphic novels as an important cultural art form. Thought Bubble is taking place in Leeds with a main two day convention being held this weekend - 19th & 20th November.

If anybody would like to work together with me on anything illustrated related or print related - please get in touch.

14 November 2011

this weekend...

...my work and me will be in lovely Blackpool at the event mentioned in the poster above. I am no good at writing promotional words but this is the first of four Christmas Markets that I am taking part in this year. I also have work for sale at The Cooper Gallery in Barnsley as part of their Christmas Craft Exhibition which is taking place right now through to 24th December. If there is anything that has caught your eye - come along and take a closer peek. tomorrow is a print room day - exposing screens with the first printing/illustration collaboration and hopefully new things by me on my own.

12 November 2011

clear out...

...whilst getting ready for the Christmas Craft Markets and while I am not so well, I have decided that it is now time to have a portfolio clear out. the dry point print in the photo above can now be found in my etsy shop at a very reasonable price. many more pieces will be either online or at the markets at great prices - in the hope that pieces of my work may find a home in which they are displayed and loved. any sales will help raise money to go towards a possible period of further study for myself as this week has been the start of some MA investigations. The Mr Dr also had an interview earlier this week for a permanent job as a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick and GOT IT!


10 November 2011


...to let you all know about The Bowery's Headingley Arts Trail that is taking part this weekend from 10am on Saturday. My work was selected to be within this lovely event and four prints can be found upon the walls of a lovely little (yummy) place on Otley Road. I ain't going to tell you exactly where or pass on a lot of information as then it can be like a treasure hunt! The work I chose to show is a selection from my printmaking portfolio and to describe it, I would say it is a positive reflection on who I was, am and trying to be/do as an illustrator. I had intentions of creating some new pieces but the return to self-employment was not smooth. More information about the Arts Trail can be found by clicking on this link. (I had written a lovely post about this event but blogger was having severe issues and lost my writing.) Also, I am taking part in Finest Imaginary's Christmas Giveaways - Kim is creative friend and we met a couple of years ago at a Manchester Craft Mafia Christmas Fair. Please click on this link - yes another one - to read a little interview about me and to enter. If you would like to feature my work on your blog/website or Q & A me, just get in touch.

01 November 2011


...today we have a photo and a few words from my good friend Cat. thought it would be nice to share something new and have a little change from my work and rambles. please enjoy.

'My name is Catherine and I run a shop on Etsy.com called JumpUp selling eco-friendly accessories, plushes and embroideries.
 These brooches are inspired by mountains and made out of a lovely grey jumper that someone accidentally shrunk in the wash and donated to charity. It was a gorgeous jumper by Lyle & Scott but it was too small and misshapen for the charity to sell normally. The fabric was beautifully felty and soft...so I bought it from the charity myself and used it to create new things.

The snow caps on the tips of the triangles are white wool yarn which I stitched by hand. The felt triangles are sewn together by hand in layers to create a thick brooch. You could wear these on a jumper, cardigan, or pin them to your bag...anywhere you like!

I make all my items from my studio in my home in the south west of England (Cornwall, land of scones and clotted cream!) but I can mail them anywhere in the world. I make my own envelopes for mailing, using pages from books with damaged covers, sheet music, etc. You can see my shop homepage here.'