08 October 2011

just round the corner...

...is that 'C' word season. last year while travelling around America, we found, well I found some lovely snowman fabric that I wasn't quite sure what to do with. earlier in the year, i had started making and selling bunting that was made from my screen printed fabric bits but due to popular demand I couldn't print enough fabric to keep up so i started making it from my fabric stash. after the America trip, i thought bunting made with the snowman fabric would be nice and took it to all the winter fairs i did last year. it proved very popular and would be the first thing to sell out so this year, with plenty of time to go, i have started sewing some. above is the best way I thought of photographing it as the weather has gone down hill since last weeks sunshine. four lots of bunting can be found in the online shops and there will be some at the coming fairs along with regular colours of bunting.

for the next couple of hours today - i am playing office - doing the accounts so that it is all up to date. i used to be an administrator and quite like inputting data.

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