25 October 2011

second outing...

...of this 'ere print. originally i had said that there would not be another edition of this print but with the new print room, I felt that it was best to get stuck in with a print that I knew gave me good results - plus this print was the quickest selling print that I had ever done and it was all sold out. about four weeks ago, I took it to said new print room. there were problems with exposing and then huge problems with printing which caused a huge headache, a new squeegee was ordered, i took a break from the print room and today i returned where there was printing with very minimal mistakes. I attempted ten for the edition but got nine - good going. once natural light can be found, they will be in the online shops and will also be out  at the forthcoming fairs but remember these were hotcakes first time around. they will definitely not be printed again - am not keen on giving myself a triple headache anytime soon. once they are gone - they are gone. in other news - i am off to spend the next few days lino cutting and doing some more work in preparation for the workshop. everything i have drawn has got woolly hats or scarves on.

24 October 2011


...the corner is the 'C' word and this little fella may make an appearance if it should happen to s-n-o-w! He is a little lino print that I have been working on as part of the prep-work for my first ever lino printing workshop. I drew this design super quick while trying to come up with christmas themed things and think he came out rather nice. He may soon be turned in to a screen printed card ready for the fairs as it will be quicker for me to screenprint then lino print as there is a lot on my plate. below are the dates and places of the fairs that I am taking my work to show, tell and sell. Come and say hello.

Headingly Arts Trail, Leeds - 12th & 13th November 2011 (Exact Location to Be Confirmed)
Super Duper Fair, Floral Hall of the Winter Gardens, Blackpool - 19th November 2011
ReetSweet Christmas Fair, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield - 27th November 2011
ReetSweet Christmas Fair, Corn Exchange, Leeds - 3rd & 4th December 2011
Christmas Craft Fair, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley - 10th and 11th December 2011

There is also something special planned for the month of May 2012...

23 October 2011


...nothing is more enjoyable than just drawing. being self-employed is something i am proud of but these past few weeks have been tough. there has been problems with printing, problems with getting things made up and problems with chasing up late payments owed. this week i was asked to draw some Alice in Wonderland character roughs and draw I did. Unfortunately they decided to go in-house with the commission/work and I thought after the pap few weeks that i had, that out of it, i had enjoyed drawing the most even though the project didnt go anywhere. so i decided to just start drawing as after all it is where everything starts. i have scaled back printing plans i had until something clicks.

10 October 2011


...from last week, while the sticker was from my birthday visit to the lovely Yorkshire Dales. We just so happened to be staying a small walk away from the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes. The Dr Mr was happy as if wasn't a molecular biologist - he would be a cheese maker. last week was week three of self-employment and I think, looking back over my shoulder - that I got quite a lot done. I even tackled the accounts, reattempted the making of new screens and didn't get that upset when i figured out i was on the wrong bus! tomorrow, i am back in the print room to print said screens and no doubt there will be an update to come on that.

08 October 2011

just round the corner...

...is that 'C' word season. last year while travelling around America, we found, well I found some lovely snowman fabric that I wasn't quite sure what to do with. earlier in the year, i had started making and selling bunting that was made from my screen printed fabric bits but due to popular demand I couldn't print enough fabric to keep up so i started making it from my fabric stash. after the America trip, i thought bunting made with the snowman fabric would be nice and took it to all the winter fairs i did last year. it proved very popular and would be the first thing to sell out so this year, with plenty of time to go, i have started sewing some. above is the best way I thought of photographing it as the weather has gone down hill since last weeks sunshine. four lots of bunting can be found in the online shops and there will be some at the coming fairs along with regular colours of bunting.

for the next couple of hours today - i am playing office - doing the accounts so that it is all up to date. i used to be an administrator and quite like inputting data.

06 October 2011

rain rain...

...well the weather was beautiful last week and for a couple of days, i was walking round with my legs out and flip flops on. this week, the proper autumn/winter/UK weather is back and so are the clouds - grey ones with blue raindrops are back in stock and up on/in the online shops. soon to be making the last batch for the upcoming fairs, online shops and stockists. today's mission to the print workshop went very well and I will be printing a second edition of the raincloud pattern print on Tuesday - about 20 i think. whilst waiting for the screens to dry, i attempted character development with drawing the butterfly man, Martin. This task is not over and will continue in to the weekend - see where we get to with that project.

04 October 2011

virtual tabletop...

...if you take a peek over on BlogAndBuy, you will find a selection of twenty stalls by talented creative sellers and one of them stalls, Stall 20 is where you will find my work. I am so pleased to be part of such a big thing - proof that going part-time at the day job was worth it as it allows me the time to find out opportunities. When you view my stall, please share the link on Twitter and Facebook 'like it' - comment and anything you can do to help promote it. It will be there for four weeks.

Today is the first day of working properly at home, I have mainly been sorting bits out and tidying up the house. Hoping to print later after I have gone in search of breakfast and cleaned all the things off the dining table so that I can use it as a print drying table.

02 October 2011

roll up...

...roll up and ponder at the marvellous, magical lion with his good old pal The Ringmaster. These prints have been out on show and for sale at the markets but they are now in the etsy shop (see the sidebar to the right). Due to the very nice sunny weather, I managed to take some decent photographs of it and it soon will be in the folksy shop. A major clear out is underway as I desperately need to make room for new pieces of work - space in my portfolio and space in my working area. Printmaking on Thursday did not go according to plan - nothing major but it felt major - there are always little things to get used to when finding your feet in a new print room. Am getting back on that wagon come Tuesday which is a full working day at home with no visits anywhere - time to plan out new designs for me to take in on Thursday.