11 September 2011


...lots of fun was had at the Saltaire Festival. Saltaire Arts Trail held a one day Makers Fair Special and my work was selected to be part of it all. It was a great day and i enjoyed talking to everyone who came by. Thank you to all who took home new treasures from my table. Unfortunately I was on my own so unable to wander round and speak to other stall holders. It was a long day and so last night it was early to bed. Today I was up early, cleaning and tidying, ready to make a start on the ever expanding to-do list. There is one week to go until I go part-time at the day job and return to almost full-time self-employment. Woooo!

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buttonboxcards said...

Was just catching up on blog land and see your going part time-thats so great, thats what i would love to do!!! Whats the day job by the way?x