28 September 2011

second to last...

...page before the end and i have to say that it has taken way too long, longer than planned to get to the end of this sketchbook. i try and draw in it but something isn't working - whether that be down to my brain or lack of things i do in order to then draw or what - but here is page eighty three. i have started page eighty four and it is an illustration day tomorrow so it may get finished. though i found two more similar sized sketchbooks on the shelf the other day - intended for lion drawings but what to do - continue on with them or just stop? i think once i get into the new illustration routine it will be as easy as it was. big scribble sketchbook is going ok. am off to the new printroom tomorrow to expose my first screens there. excited - just a tad as it will feel like proper work then.

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