17 July 2011


...at Craft Candy's last ever fair was a table full of my wares and I would like to say thank you - a huge thank you with a hug using both of my arms as that's what i do - to all who came, looked, chatted and bought things. i was invited to be a part of it last minute on Friday night and had a little time to prepare but once all the work was put out and displayed right, it made me realise that i need not have worried. this weekend has been hectic. last night the Mr Dr and i went out for a stunning meal at the 3acres to celebrate his new job and the end of his PhD as it will be his graduation ceremony tomorrow. today i have been to see the final Harry Potter and it was intense and amazing. really enjoyed it. this evening, although i could nap forever, i am going over to the desk to continue with my work - sewing and maybe a bit of painting as i only have one fish painting left and i do love painting them guys.

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