13 July 2011


...on the up are the raincloud mobiles that i made and printed years ago-more to be made soon as the calico seems to be multiplying on its own in the stash boxes. the updated online shops seem to be heading in the right direction. here is another treasury that my work is very nicely featured in - put together by BrooklynLoveDesigns. it all takes time, time i seem to have when i am napping but when i am not, time disappears with phaffing or way off the path thinking. time at the moment is spent trying to get my hands on much needed supplies via the internet and as usual - things are out of stock! time is now also taken up with playing Scrabble over the net with the Dr Mr whilst also talking on Skype. often try and do some drawing or sewing while waiting for my scrabble turn. he is home this Friday for a long visit as it is his Graduation Celebration weekend with the proper fancy pillow hat thing and gown on Monday.

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