30 July 2011

back with the pencil...

...here is page 82 - drawing with the pencil today while sat at the lovely Cooper Gallery Summer Fayre in Barnsley. Nice day was spent chatting to people and had a couple of really nice customers visit me. there is only one and a half pages left in this sketchbook now but it has taken me a very long time to do the last few pages. alot of scribbling has been done in the big sketchbook which is just getting messy but i find myself a bit shaky handed when coming to draw at the moment - i think this is due to exhaustion and there is now six and half days of holiday to look forward to as i have booked a week off from the day job. yay. i am unsure where the sticker came from - think it came off a shampoo bottle. i haven't collected any fruit or price stickers or stickers of any kind for a while now.

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