30 July 2011

back with the pencil...

...here is page 82 - drawing with the pencil today while sat at the lovely Cooper Gallery Summer Fayre in Barnsley. Nice day was spent chatting to people and had a couple of really nice customers visit me. there is only one and a half pages left in this sketchbook now but it has taken me a very long time to do the last few pages. alot of scribbling has been done in the big sketchbook which is just getting messy but i find myself a bit shaky handed when coming to draw at the moment - i think this is due to exhaustion and there is now six and half days of holiday to look forward to as i have booked a week off from the day job. yay. i am unsure where the sticker came from - think it came off a shampoo bottle. i haven't collected any fruit or price stickers or stickers of any kind for a while now.

27 July 2011


...painting as fast at the claw hand and time will allow. there will be four new fish paintings around and about this week. first one is up on etsy now - i think this is my favorite of the batch as it has 'V' words on it, especially 'vagabond'. i should be printing or doing something else print related this evening but i am putting my feet up in front of the telly box with the sketchbook and a brew. i have been 'browsing' for smart phones and the best deals this week - no outcome as of yet - it is mind boggling the variety on offer and when combined with an o2 shop assistant sprouting jargon at you, when your current phone is a brick and has actual buttons, the brain aches.


26 July 2011


...thought i would share what work is currently on my desk. i took this photograph about ten minutes ago - again i find myself struggling to get a clear shot but it is not too bad. i think my camera needs to be used more often. so this evening as you can see, i have some fish paintings to finish off. just got the robot fish faces to paint, then it outline and detail time. i have been doing these since Sunday. they haven't taken me too long but i originally meant to have them done last week but tiredness got in the way along with the day job. below are details of this weeks fair.

COOPER GALLERY SUMMER FAYRE - This Saturday from 10am - 4pm. Church Street in Barnsley.

23 July 2011


...time to go off topic for a post - thought i would share a photograph of the Dr Mr with his Nanna Duncan. There was a family group of us, his mum, his sister, his nanny and we watched him wear a silly grin all day on Monday as he graduated from his PhD at Manchester Museum from the University of Manchester. The weather was typical Mancland weather and though it was raining, we were glad it wasn't heavy rain. He looks very smart in his fancy gown and we are very proud of his hard work and achievements.

17 July 2011


...at Craft Candy's last ever fair was a table full of my wares and I would like to say thank you - a huge thank you with a hug using both of my arms as that's what i do - to all who came, looked, chatted and bought things. i was invited to be a part of it last minute on Friday night and had a little time to prepare but once all the work was put out and displayed right, it made me realise that i need not have worried. this weekend has been hectic. last night the Mr Dr and i went out for a stunning meal at the 3acres to celebrate his new job and the end of his PhD as it will be his graduation ceremony tomorrow. today i have been to see the final Harry Potter and it was intense and amazing. really enjoyed it. this evening, although i could nap forever, i am going over to the desk to continue with my work - sewing and maybe a bit of painting as i only have one fish painting left and i do love painting them guys.

15 July 2011


...out and about with my printed and handmade wares at Craft Candy's Summer Fair in Sheffield at the Millennium Gallery. This will be Craft Candy's last fair and they are going out with a bang! The fair will feature over 30 stalls of contemporary craft, art and photography from talented makers from Sheffield and around the UK. it will be an amazing event that i am so pleased to be a part of - happy and sad at the same time. i have been at home for a couple of hours, soon to be printing some last minute bits as an order arrived yesterday. there will be a few new things to see - the new super card rack and the bits i have been working on-please see previous blog entries. Hope to see you there - come and say hello and i may draw in your sketchbook. (please note that on the spot drawings will not be masterpieces)

13 July 2011


...on the up are the raincloud mobiles that i made and printed years ago-more to be made soon as the calico seems to be multiplying on its own in the stash boxes. the updated online shops seem to be heading in the right direction. here is another treasury that my work is very nicely featured in - put together by BrooklynLoveDesigns. it all takes time, time i seem to have when i am napping but when i am not, time disappears with phaffing or way off the path thinking. time at the moment is spent trying to get my hands on much needed supplies via the internet and as usual - things are out of stock! time is now also taken up with playing Scrabble over the net with the Dr Mr whilst also talking on Skype. often try and do some drawing or sewing while waiting for my scrabble turn. he is home this Friday for a long visit as it is his Graduation Celebration weekend with the proper fancy pillow hat thing and gown on Monday.

11 July 2011


...this painting this evening. the whole work progress at the moment is very mellow and chilled out. things are getting made, re-stocked and listed. future decisions still have not be made but have been thought about in the old brain a tad more. i feel quite happy with what work i am planning - think i just need to carry on and it will come out in time. sad news is that my work will no longer be in Indie Cindy after the end of July as the pop-up shop is closing. good news is that i will be taking part in a couple of fairs this summer. there were more on the cards but i decided that it may be best to have a rest and part of the resting will also be done in my birthday week off. doubt it - i am sure the screens will be out for a spot of printing.

Saturday 30th July 2011 - Summer Fayre at The Cooper Gallery at Barnsley
Saturday 13th August 2011 - Summer Fayre at The Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield

coming soon will be the 'C' word dates but it is too early to mention them - we are only just in July.

10 July 2011

sorting out...

...it is the weekend and after a nice week at the day job - i have been at home working on the de-cluttering and to-do list of illustration. it is getting easier every day and up above is a Artist Proof print that was made by me in 2008 - now on etsy. i have been finding things in various places and they are going up for sale online and will be taken to future fairs. all proceeds as before are going to into the self-employment fund and hopefully printmaking fund. much drawing hasn't been done this week as a result of the clearing out but there is the birthday week holiday. we have booked one day out to go to a local farm/animal show thing. am excited to see the chickens, pigeons and hairy highland cows.

04 July 2011

little details...

...whilst sat in the garden in the glorious sunshine yesterday, i stitched into a fabric print of the old lion and accordion design. three of these were printed last year on to fabric and they have been on the to-do list ever since. at the moment, it seems right to be working through the to-do list again in order to have space ready for the fresh things. i really enjoyed working on this as it felt quite relaxing at the same time - it was a strange feeling and i wish there were more days like it. fingers are crossed for nice or enjoyable weather as i have booked a week off for my birthday. a as part of the birthday celebrations, the above print is listed on etsy for the special price of £30 seeing as that number is what birthday it will be this year. when i have finished the other one - that will be going on folksy. if anything doesn't sell on the online shops - they will be taken to my next fair which is in Barnsley on 30th July. More details of this to follow, along with other birthday related things...maybe.

...teeny tiny stitches can be seen here. thought i would add another photo as am unsure if any readers will be able to pick out where i have stitched. i put three colours in the mane and tail area, two colours on the little seat and a glitter type thread on the alternate bellows of the accordion.