25 June 2011


...in this lovely etsy treasury put together by aclementina which is very nice considering i only updated the etsy shop last night. i thought i would attempt the online shops again and sooner than planned with some of the nicer photos i have taken. proper photos of work, prints and sketchbooks will soon be done by a friend of mine once some of the work has been made back up. it is encouraging to know that people are looking at my work and like it enough to feature it and buy it as i am currently trying to make some major decisions about what to do. sometimes i think it is best to just wander but maybe a planned path will be the way?

links to either one of my online shops can be found in the sidebar to the right - etsy or folksy - give them a click and magic links will take you there.

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Catherine Hayward said...

Nice to see you back on Etsy, and well done on getting into a treasury so soon!
I can very much relate to the ponderings about what to do and how much the feedback helps with making those decisions. I think you're destined for making pictures and things. :)
Good luck!