29 May 2011


...a snap of a small portion of my stall that is currently at Saltaire's Maker's Fair as part of their Art Festival. i was going to show you a full stall photo with me in it but decided that my face looked a tad funny. the card rack is a new purchase in the hope of displaying things better. i first bought a cardboard rack last year in August and although they are good - we couldn't put it together as simple as they made it look on the seven second video and ended up breaking it in frustration. after many moons of deliberating over this rack, i finally dived in and have used it for the first time this weekend. more people are looking and sales have increased slightly on these particular items. therefore Sir Alan Debbie would say - if you are thinking about investing in shop display things/equipment, give it a serious thought, do some research and/or ask other stall holders about their displays if you like what you and see. if you don't try - you will never know what works best for your work. i am off now to finish sewing two batches of red bunting as there is none left for tomorrow. if you are nearby or happen to be in Saltaire tomorrow, please come say hello.

LAST DAY TOMORROW - Bank Holiday Monday 30th May 2011 - Victoria Hall in Saltaire. All sales help towards new print supplies and to pay the taxman.


Rose Hudson said...

Hey Debbie, where did you get your card stand from? I've been looking for one like this for my stall :) hope you had fun at Saltaire. Wish I lived in Yorkshire, all the best arty fairs seem to be happening down there!

pop-i-cok said...

Aw just realised why your name sounded familiar! I came to your stall yesterday...bought envelopes...said you need to do small ones for dinner money....your stuff looked fab :-)

Swirlyarts said...


It's Lynsey from Swirlyarts/Cuteable. I've written a Cuteable post featuring you and it will go up on Friday.

Lovely to meet you!