16 May 2011


....to be drawing the lion sketchbook. it is odd to think about what to draw in it. i used to draw other people i saw in Manchester in here as lions but now there is not much to draw about when i have been scaling bacon all day in the factory so it takes bit longer than the norm to finish a page. the fish paintings are going well - two done - am doing them one at a time as before i used to do about four or five in a go. mechanical pencils are being lost and found on a daily basis - hence some weak drawing lines while others are stronger. am unsure to what lead is in what - B, HB or 2B. it is now ten pm and i think it is now time for some serious thinking drawing in the larger sketchbook with a proper pencil (one that you sharpen yoursen).

also, hello to everyone who has visited these past couple of days from craftgossip.com and from wherever else you have popped in from - all visitors are welcome new and old. say hello.

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