14 May 2011


...post here about new shoes but i picked them with an illustration purpose in mind - colour! i also picked up a colourful flowery summer dress at the local village charity shop for £1.95 - BARGAIN! there is no pic of the dress though as the weather isn't so grand today for legs and dresses. back to the shoes - i had a voucher given to me for a high street shoe shop quite a few months ago and for the past two years i have been drawn to looking for purple shoes but never seen any that were quite right until i saw these. not quite purple but very nice in their own way. main attraction was the laces and colour stitching. on the work front, lion badges are calling me and maybe a spot of printing if i tidy the desk up. there are a few things to finish off before printing/drawing but i am sure Eurovision will help me tackle the list this evening.

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