13 May 2011


...another batch i have got on the go, are the lion badges. they soon find new homes out there once they are released which is very good news for me. it is very worrying when making a new item - whether it will be liked or not. these first appeared in August last year but i am unsure how long they will be around for as i am thinking that 'things' need a limited run and maybe a possible revamp in some fashion. i have lost two stockists this year which is worrying but then i have also gained two stockists. i enjoy what i do but time is limited due to the day job and i often find myself thinking in knots. the drawing is going ok and further scribbles are needed to flesh out my drawings of people type characters but my new screen still hast not arrived. important deliveries are always late.


Cherry Cherry in Norwich, Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston, Comma in Oxford and Indie Cindy in Leeds. Please click on the links for more information.


SweetTupelo said...

So fabulously cute!

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