29 May 2011


...a snap of a small portion of my stall that is currently at Saltaire's Maker's Fair as part of their Art Festival. i was going to show you a full stall photo with me in it but decided that my face looked a tad funny. the card rack is a new purchase in the hope of displaying things better. i first bought a cardboard rack last year in August and although they are good - we couldn't put it together as simple as they made it look on the seven second video and ended up breaking it in frustration. after many moons of deliberating over this rack, i finally dived in and have used it for the first time this weekend. more people are looking and sales have increased slightly on these particular items. therefore Sir Alan Debbie would say - if you are thinking about investing in shop display things/equipment, give it a serious thought, do some research and/or ask other stall holders about their displays if you like what you and see. if you don't try - you will never know what works best for your work. i am off now to finish sewing two batches of red bunting as there is none left for tomorrow. if you are nearby or happen to be in Saltaire tomorrow, please come say hello.

LAST DAY TOMORROW - Bank Holiday Monday 30th May 2011 - Victoria Hall in Saltaire. All sales help towards new print supplies and to pay the taxman.

27 May 2011

over thinking...

...while trying to think outside the box and in layers and colours whilst also trying not to think too much. screenprinting is great once you get in the swing of it but trying to return to it after a break without the usual tools that can be found in a print room is difficult. up above is the first ever example of a two layered handrawn screenprint - the efforts of today's work. phew. i think the card stock/texture i used was ok but would work better on a smoother card. i am about to have another go at it with another card design and something else. please remember that if you would like to see my work in person and are near Bradford tomorrow, that i will be in Saltaire at the Maker's Fair - please visit the link on the right.

25 May 2011

getting ready...

...for the Maker's Fair that this weekend. bit of the same as before in the previous post but this time with purple fish. thought it would be best to post as often as i can. the new screen has finally arrived and is ready for my shakey hands to paint some freehand designs on it, no acetates with nice computer work on it - FREEHAND! with the new screen and with Friday being a holiday off the day job, i am hoping there will be time to make/do the things i planned to do last week. good news of the week is that the Mr Dr has finally found a post PhD job.

23 May 2011

in stock...

...a few more of the fish paintings ready for the Saltaire Makers Fair that is this bank holiday weekend. the one above features the lovely sherbet lemon fish. i am wondering whether to add a 'new' fish to collection? painting sessions have been stopped and started after the day job in the evenings. they just need to be wrapped and labelled ready for the print browser display. some work that was planned to be ready, may not be due to a screen order not being processed correctly which i am a bit 'GRRRR' about but easy come-easy go. i have Friday off work this week so a full day of prep before hand may work wonders.

16 May 2011


....to be drawing the lion sketchbook. it is odd to think about what to draw in it. i used to draw other people i saw in Manchester in here as lions but now there is not much to draw about when i have been scaling bacon all day in the factory so it takes bit longer than the norm to finish a page. the fish paintings are going well - two done - am doing them one at a time as before i used to do about four or five in a go. mechanical pencils are being lost and found on a daily basis - hence some weak drawing lines while others are stronger. am unsure to what lead is in what - B, HB or 2B. it is now ten pm and i think it is now time for some serious thinking drawing in the larger sketchbook with a proper pencil (one that you sharpen yoursen).

also, hello to everyone who has visited these past couple of days from craftgossip.com and from wherever else you have popped in from - all visitors are welcome new and old. say hello.

15 May 2011


...output from one design equals good use of brain cells. while watching Eurovison last night - i was thinking about printing. i get the urge to print/work at unusual times. it was very very late and there were/are supplies that really need using - old card stock and mixed printing paint - hence these new small cards. they will be at the Saltaire Makers Fair that is at the end of May. I am hoping the blank screen will arrive tomorrow so that i can print some more out of different designs on the left over card stock. there are plans for designs of shimmering gold. unsure how to go about printing with fancy paints - worth a go and experimenting. today i started painting some fish on found paper pictures. output has been slow this weekend due to last minute preparations for a friends wedding that we are going to next week - super excited.

The lion badges that are in the post or two below this one have been featured on a huge website called craftgossip thanks to whoever put it on there - made me smile.

14 May 2011


...post here about new shoes but i picked them with an illustration purpose in mind - colour! i also picked up a colourful flowery summer dress at the local village charity shop for £1.95 - BARGAIN! there is no pic of the dress though as the weather isn't so grand today for legs and dresses. back to the shoes - i had a voucher given to me for a high street shoe shop quite a few months ago and for the past two years i have been drawn to looking for purple shoes but never seen any that were quite right until i saw these. not quite purple but very nice in their own way. main attraction was the laces and colour stitching. on the work front, lion badges are calling me and maybe a spot of printing if i tidy the desk up. there are a few things to finish off before printing/drawing but i am sure Eurovision will help me tackle the list this evening.

13 May 2011


...another batch i have got on the go, are the lion badges. they soon find new homes out there once they are released which is very good news for me. it is very worrying when making a new item - whether it will be liked or not. these first appeared in August last year but i am unsure how long they will be around for as i am thinking that 'things' need a limited run and maybe a possible revamp in some fashion. i have lost two stockists this year which is worrying but then i have also gained two stockists. i enjoy what i do but time is limited due to the day job and i often find myself thinking in knots. the drawing is going ok and further scribbles are needed to flesh out my drawings of people type characters but my new screen still hast not arrived. important deliveries are always late.


Cherry Cherry in Norwich, Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston, Comma in Oxford and Indie Cindy in Leeds. Please click on the links for more information.

11 May 2011

eight and zero...

...number 80 of the second lion sketchbook. we are nearing the end - just taken a while for me to get drawing in there. much prefer the larger sketchbook now. plus there is not so much observational stuff going on at the day job or when i get home. good news to share is that Indie Cindy in Leeds now stock a selection of my work. very pleased to have the illustration ball rolling bit more as the last few months have been quite quiet. i am still pondering every day while i as work about what it is i am supposed to be doing and the Dr Mister is still job hunting. another screen has been ordered - this time a blank one so i can play with drawing fluid and screen filler. happy may everyone.


Saltaire Arts Trail - Maker's Fair - 28th, 29th and 30th May 2011 - Victoria Hall in Saltaire near Bradford & ReetSweet Fair - Sunday 5th June 2011 - Corn Exchange in Leeds.

08 May 2011


...doodle time is something i really look forward to. some days the pencil flows and sometimes it doesn't. this is something i drew mid-week while i was watching the old bbc iplayer and thought i would share it, mostly being because it is 'people' related. the people drawing experiment is still going and we are getting there - i have reset my task of story illustrating - again there are no words as such, just loose ideas. in other news i am printing more at home and some more supplies finally arrived this week. just to add there are a couple of fairs in the pipeline - just a couple.