17 April 2011


...some how along the way, time has turned itself into spring. how did it get to April? i have been busy with the usual - day job, over thinking, bits of drawing and making of things. now the weather is nice, the Mr Dr and I have started venturing outside. We went to the flea market in town one Saturday ago but nothing grabbed me and this week we went to the new village charity shop. Inside there were quite a few clothes to be had - couple of M&S things and a nice summery skirt then in the cabinet next to the till there was this clock. Well I had to take it home as it reminds me of my Grandad who had clocks in every room - loud ticking noisy clocks. If I stayed over, he would wake up in a morning to find them all in the kitchen as once you heard them you couldn't take your mind off the tick tocking when you are trying to sleep. This one needed a bit of a tidy up and the hen's head moves - well pecks with every tick. It is loud just like Grandad's clocks were. I am not very good at finding things but this is classic treasure. Think I have found what I would like to collect.

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