03 April 2011

on the desk...

..this April and not for much longer. I thought it was time I got into gear and tried to update this blog on a more regular basis like i used to. So here is today's photo taking effects. Not very good as the light is very drab with and without the flash. The Craft Candy Spring Fair went very well last week and thank you goes to all who came, saw and supported my stall. It is very much appreciated and has helped the print room funds, so that I am now the proud owner of a proper print drying rack! Very exciting. As you can see there are a lot of plastic 'project' bags in the top corner, mainly the lion badge making supplies - trying to make a huge batch of them to conquer the stockists with. Also some new bunting, sold out of some colours last weekend so fresh batches have been made. The desk is slowly being tidied this evening and then i ain't sure whats on the cards - brainstorm drawing i think.

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