25 March 2011


...there will be four NEW little robotingtons in stock as well as some more of the lion badges made from recycled fabric. some of the new robotingtons have a new darker colour caused by random acts of multiple fabric dying. i reckon they look grand. this week has been a bit of a slow week as the mister had an interview for a job last week and he is still waiting for a reply either way. we have both been under the weather but the mister is now quite ill. therefore i am thinking forward and am looking forward to the fair. i will have my best excited smiling face on - i am not sure what my 'doing' task will be yet while i am there, there is usually some sewing to do but there is nowt half made so i may try and just draw like i used to do at fairs. so if you are out and about in Sheffield tomorrow near the Millennium Gallery, please come and say hello.

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