18 March 2011

final batch...

...of stitched and framed robotingtons. these past couple of weeks or so, I have been working on things for Craft Candy's Spring Fair that is next Saturday. unfortunately the stitched robotingtons will be the last batch for the foreseeable future as well as some other things as i am sorting out my supply boxes to make way for screen printing supplies. with the day job, the illustration work gets squashed in to the rest of the time so i think it is best for me to streamline my work a bit more so i can concentrate on the drawing and printing. this evening i am sewing and stuffing four small robotingtons and working on another batch of fox badges - they sell out super quick. the weekend started with a visit to a jumble sale that was in aid of the local scout group. best buy of the day was a 20p vase but i also got a 40p grey skirt and 40p to the knee jogging bottoms - great for them Zumba moves plus some vintage fabric for bunting.

CRAFT CANDY'S SPRING FAIR - 26th March 2011 - Millennium Gallery in Sheffield

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Alice said...

What a lovely idea Deb!! I really like these versions of Robotington!!! keep it up kidda!! Love it! x x x